Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Joseph A. Smith Collection

I clicked into this blog post from Google (Albany Hudson Railroad Displatch Office Rensselaer, New York) and had a very long moment of confusion, as it's the same Blogger template as mine. I was baffled as to how I could have already blogged a photo that I'd never seen before! From their description:
Joseph A. Smith (1895-1978) was an avid collector of railroad photos, sharing many of them with fellow collectors in the Northeast.... His extensive collection focused on the lines that once served Troy: Delaware & Hudson, Rutland, Boston & Maine and New York Central.
There are five blogs in The Joseph A. Smith Collection, and each entry is a vintage photo or postcard:
It's like going through a scrapbook of late 1800's and early 1900's rail photographs. Be sure to click through all the months in the Archives, so you don't miss anything.

UPDATE: Ken B., the creator of the above sites, e-mailed to tell me that there's more! The complete Joseph A. Smith Collection is now online at http://www.nyysa.com/archive/code/main.php?height=864&width=1152. It's fully searchable and now contains over 13,600 records. Check out this image of the Green Island Bridge Train Wreck on September 23, 1865 - holy cow!