Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ernie Mann's "Railroads of Rensselaer"

Ernie Mann's "Railroads of Rensselaer" is available for pre-order on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com, and will be released on October 19, 2009.

Product Description

Rensselaer was once a classic American railroad town, and like most cities and towns of its type, it was part of an important junction of several destinations. From the 1840s to today, trains have rolled to the four principal compass points from town....

About the Author

Ernie Mann has had a lifelong interest in rail history and worked his way through college in locomotive service. His father and grandfathers worked a total of 123 years on local railroads. He had a long career as a teacher and many years as a city fire chief.

I love these books of antique photgraphs from Arcadia Publishing, and I couldn't be happier to learn about this one!

UPDATE: Stay in touch with release and book signing info by joining the new Facebook group for "Railroads of Rensselaer".

UPDATE: If you want to "buy local", Good Buy Books pre-ordered "a couple of copies". You might want to call or e-mail them if you want to be sure you get one.

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