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September 25, 1909 - Fire Parade

100 Years Ago: From The Rensselaer Eagle [NY 41 Rensselaer 93-32173].

Rensselaer did not host a Hudson-Fulton celebration in 1909, as the state did not come through with promised funds. Instead, there was a big parade of all the fire companies.

For the first time since the new fire apparatus was received last winter the citizens of Rensselaer will have the opportunity to view the department as a whole. Such an opportunity has not been given for the reason that when the apparatus did reach Rensselaer cold weather was at hand and it was not feasible to have a parade.

But this afternoon the citizens are promised a treat. The firemen, in their neat, well fitting uniform, and the policemen in their best clothes will march about a route that takes the parade past every one of the fire houses in the city. ...

I couldn't resist adding this notice of bids for the 1909 fire department:
Sept. 6, 1909 - Mr. John Salt, City Clerk: In answer to bids for supplying fire department is as follows: No. 2 white oats, 68 1-2c per bushel; Timothy hay, $19 per ton; loose timothy hay, $19 per ton; oat straw, $17 per ton. Respectfully yours, Peter J. Mahan, Rensselaer, N. Y.

Sept. 13, 1909 - To the Honorable Board of Fire Commissioners, Gentlemen: We, the undersigned will furnish by your order or order from the City Clerk to the fire houses to the amount of 400 bushels of oats, at 75¢ per bushel; 10 tons more or less of baled hay, $20 per ton; 10 tons more or less of loose hay, $20; 10 tons more or less oat straw, $17 per ton. Yours truly, Waugh & Berry.

Com. M. Murphy moved that bids for feed department be rejected on the ground that same are excessive. Carried.

Haying scene, St. James (Long Island)

Frederick Ruther, 1909,

Lewis Wickes Hine also took wonderful photos of haying in New York and New England, but they were dated simply 1907-1937, too broad a range for me to use. See them on Strip 10 and Strip 12 in the collection of the George Eastman House, Rochester, NY.

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