Thursday, March 26, 2009

DEC Chemical Collection

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation is providing free disposal for pesticides and other chemicals. The program is designed to reduce environmental contamination and eliminate chemical hazards. Check your garages, barns, and storage areas at home and at work for obsolete and unwanted chemicals, and be sure to register in advance.

Here's the web site with all the details: DEC's Clean Sweep NY

Collection dates and sites (pre-registration is mandatory):
April 6 - Hudson, NY, April 7-8 - Schenectady, NY, April 9 - Oneonta, NY

Cost: No charge to farmers. All others receive free 100 lb pesticide benefit. All non-pesticide disposal costs are on a per-pound basis at a nominal fee.

Here's the Press Release: State to Collect Thousands of Pounds of Pesticides and Chemicals in Capital Region Counties

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