Friday, October 9, 2009

Rensselaer City Candidates 2009

Daniel J. Dwyer (D), Incumbent
Edward S. Kosinski (R, I, C)
President of Common Council:
Harry Adalian (D): Web; Facebook; Twitter
Gloria Fonda (R, I, C)
City Clerk:
Maureen G. Nardacci (D, I), Incumbent
Ashlee E. Giacalone (R, C)
City Treasurer:
Susan L. Lupian (D) , Incumbent
Claude P. Manna, Jr (R, I, C)
Ward 1:

Marion L. Webber (D)
Dawn M. Gillan (R, I, C)
Ward 2:
James D. VanVorst, Jr (D, I)
Albertine M. Felts (R, C), Incumbent
Ward 3:
Philip J. Elacqua (D)
William J. Lithgow (R, I, C), Incumbent
Ward 4:
Gretchen A. Euvrard (D)
David M. Gardner (R, I, C )
Ward 5:
Dominick M. Tagliento, Jr (D), Incumbent
Bernard Maskell, Jr.
(R, I, C )
Ward 6:
Brian J. Stall (D, R, I, C ), Incumbent
    Ward 7:
    James F. Casey, Jr (D)
    Frank J. McClellan (R, I, C)
    Ward 8:
    Richard J. Mooney (D, I), Incumbent
    K D MacDonald, Jr. (R, C)
    Ward 9:
    Margaret M. VanDyke (D)
    Dennis R. Walters, Jr. (R, I, C)

    Rensselaer County Legislator, District 6 (City of Rensselaer)
    John M. Mooney (D, W)
    Michael E. Stammel (R, I, C), Incumbent

    If you see any mistakes above, or if you are a candidate with a web page, blog, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or professional biography that you want linked to your name, please e-mail

    There's a Ward Map in the City Clerk's office, or find your Ward at NYS Polling Place Lookup (they call it "Election District").

    Attend the League of Women Voters Candidates' Debate at the Rensselaer High School Auditorium, Thur., Oct. 22nd, 7-9p.m if you have questions or comments for the candidates.