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January 7, 1911: Rush of Railroad Freight

100 Years Ago: From The Rensselaer Eagle [NY 41 Rensselaer 93-32173].



Advancements are Made Very Quickly These Days - Firemen Promoted to Enginemen and Brakemen Soon Become Conductors

Not in many years have Rensselaer railroad men experienced such a rush of freight in all directions as taht which now prevails and which has prevailed for the past months. At the railroad offices firemen and brakemen are in demand, the order being sent out that any one applying will be given a job.

At present on the list of the B. & A. offices there are over 60 regular belt crews. This is an unusually large number, when it is considered that six years ago the regular belt crews numbered but 25. Every Rensselaer fireman qualified to run an engine has been sent over to the right side of the cab and many young Rensselaer brakemen in the service of the company for but a few years have been advanced to conductors.

The rush of freight and work for the men is received in Rensselaer with no regret. The past summer and fall were bad seasons and the railroad men will have an opportunity of making respectable week's wages. Speek of wages, one young Rensselaer brakeman employed in the yard service drew $73 for two weeks work, after enjoying a two days' rest.


In the railroad yards the rush is the same as on the road. Gen'l Yard Master Wood has more engine and train crews at work than have been on the lists for 15 years. His extra list now contains 15 members and all are working. He is making an effort to keep the yards clear so that no B. & A. trains will be forced to lay on the sidings outside of the city awaiting an opening to crawl into this city.

The Rensselaer yards have never been as busy as they are at the present time. The rush has been so great that many times during the past month many of the B. & A. crew were sent direct to West Albany with their trains to relieve congestion.

The rush cannot become too heavy for Rensselaer and its people. The officials are well equipped in the art of handling such an immense amount of business and the city will receive the many strangers with open arms.

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