Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Development Sites

On Oct. 3, the Albany Business Review reported that regional commercial development projects including the Rensselaer waterfront's de Laet's Landing and the East Greenbush Village at Tempel Farm are still on track. That story went to press before the past weeks' economic volatility, but it does sound like progress is still being made.

Here's the link to the Business Review story, but the full text is currently available to subscribers only (it will probably be freely available after a little time has passed - try one of the bigger libraries to find a copy of the paper in the meantime): Developers still on track with large commercial projects, but stalled economy and credit-crunch fears loom large.

The photos show each site on Oct. 10 (I hope I got the correct waterfront site). Check out the big redtailed hawk sitting on the tree in the top right corner. Click the photo to see a bigger version.

Update: Here's an Oct. 10 article from the Indenews.com: Despite Crisis, Projects Go Ahead.