Sunday, October 19, 2008

Schenectady Views

The "Streetscape" reconstruction of State Street in Schenectady is an award-winning project of Clough, Harbour and Associates. At last week's public forum, Schenectady's Streetscape was described as a template for the Broadway reconstruction.

Completed a few years ago, the Schenectady Project reportedly had a $12-13M budget. Rensselaer's budget is $7M, and construction costs will grow by the time the work starts. I haven't done research to compare the scope of the two projects.

These pictures of State Street show features like those planned for Rensselaer, such as historic-style lighting and small-scale plantings. Sidewalks will have a margin styled to look like historic pavers (probably pressed concrete, rather than Schenectady's real bricks).

The sidewalk will include the bump-outs that define the ends of the parking spaces and shorten the crosswalk for pedestrians. Crosswalks will have the historic paver look (of questionable aesthetic value in my opinion, as much of the brick-colored surface coating has already worn off the State Street crosswalks).