Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stroll Craft Show

I'll be exhibiting with at the Troy Victorian Stroll's Craft Show this weekend. (Quiltboxes is my boyfriend's business - he also co-owns Bankshot Antique Pool Tables, in case you've wondered about my "banner ads".)

Troy Victorian Stroll
Sun., Dec. 7, 11am - 5pm
Craft Show at Troy Atrium
3rd St. and Broadway

Parking is FREE in all City Lots, the Troy Atrium Garage, and on all city streets.

You can see a few boxes at, his e-commerce site. But there will be about 50 boxes to choose from at the show, and you really should see them in person to appreciate the beauty of the wood.

If time permits at the show, I'll be demonstrating my great-great-great grandmother's art of paper weaving. This Victorian era technique can produce some amazingly intricate and beautiful designs. I've never seen directions for this - I had to reverse-engineer it from her paper scrapbook. Come to the Stroll craft show and check it out!