Sunday, January 18, 2009

Catholic Church Closings

Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, NY: Albany Diocese Announces Final Decisions of 2 ½-year Called to BE Church Process
Many of the multiple urban and ethnic parishes built in the early 20th century only a few blocks from each other in cities are now under-used because of population shifts.
St. Joseph’s/St. John’s (Rensselaer) will determine one worship site for parish by July 1, 2009, with other worship site to close by July 1, 2010.
Times-Union Special Report: A changing Catholic Church

History of St. Joseph Catholic Church

History of the Church of St.John the Evangelist

The web site of the Parish of St. John and St. Joseph in Rensselaer, NY is not currently being updated.

UPDATE: Bishop urges unity despite changes
In letter Howard Hubbard says there are no winners, losers; welcome new start

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