Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Megabus Parking Problem

It looks like the additional travelers attracted to the Amtrak station by the new Megabus to NYC are causing parking headaches in downtown Rensselaer, NY. Here's the press release by Rensselaer County Legislator Mike Stammel:

Stammel Concerned About Mega Bus Parking Issues
Stammel said he wants city officials and others to review issues created by the operation of Megabus, which provides service from Rensselaer to New York City.
Patrons of the service have created parking issues in the center of the city since the Megabus service started. Residents have contacted Stammel about parking problems on Broadway, East Street, upper Wendell Street, Elm Street, Fourth and Fifth avenues and the state-owned parking facility on Broadway.

Either the thrifty Megabus customers don't want to pay to park at Amtrak, or they can't find room in the lot. The problem is, few of those older downtown homes have their own off-street parking, and homeowners are getting displaced by travelers parking in front of their residences.

I suggest that the DeFreestville Park & Ride on Rt. 4 is a much better place to leave your car than the narrow streets surrounding the Amtrak station. You can take the CDTA #14 bus directly to and from the station (check the timetables carefully, to make sure you're expected back before their last run, especially on Sunday night). The station is served by other CDTA bus lines as well.

UPDATE: Times-Union, 1/21/09 Parking issues arise over new bus service

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