Friday, February 20, 2009

1903 Article: Roundhouse

I never intended this to be a "this day in history" post - it's just a coincidence that the article was published 106 years ago today. I just noticed it while I was typing it up. The link let's you download low res scan of the full article, sized for legal paper - it's about a 1Mb PDF. (I'll try for a higher resolution PDF this weekend, but this one is already a slow load.)

If you like detail, follow the link - you could build your own roundhouse after reading this.
New Roundhouse of the New York Central at Rensselaer, Railroad Gazette, A Journal of Transportation, Engineering and Railroad News, Friday, February 20, 1903

The New York Central has recently built a new passenger engine roundhouse for the Middle Division at Rensselaer, New York. For the present but 30 stalls have been provided, but by the addition of sections B and C, the ultimate capacity can be increased to 60 stalls.

The roundhouse and attendant facilities were completed within the remarkably short time of 60 days. The auxiliary departments include a blacksmith shop, ... machine shop, ... two offices,... rest room, ... store room, ... oil room, ... boiler room, ... coal bin, ... and casting shed... A modern coaling plant is also to be erected. ... At the present time from 100 to 140 engines are handled a day, but it is stated that these figures can be nearly doubled when the new coaling plant is completed...

... A standard 70 ft. turn-table designed for a total load of 200 tons is operated by a Fairbanks & Morse gasolene [sic] motor, and serves all the stalls...

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