Tuesday, August 4, 2009

100 Cars - Cell Usage

Here's a cell usage survey of drivers along Washington Ave. in Rensselaer (somewhat scientific, but not statistically significant). I counted 100 vehicles each time (about 15-20 min.), and noted the number of cell phone talkers (not hands-free) and possible texters.

7/28/09, early evening, 4 cell talkers, 2 definitely texting or dialing
7/30/09, am commute, 3 cell talkers, 2 definitely texting or dialing
8/04/09, early evening, 5 cell talkers, 2 doing something interesting low and to the right

Out of 300 cars observed: 12 cell talkers (4%), and 6 possible texters (2%). Many more nail biters than smokers. Several lollipops.

I'm surprised the number of cell phone talkers was this low. Here's the earlier post that got me curious: Plan to Ban Texting While Driving

UPDATE: Times-Union, letter to the editor: Existing N.Y. law covers texting, By Ed Gilbert of Rensselaer


Carl said...

In my experience, that number seems low, but it's beside the point anyway. As an avid bicyclist, what I notice most is drivers being inattentive or making mistakes that put me at risk (on my bike or in my car) -- and that is much more likely to happen when the driver is on the phone. Just this morning I was stuck behind someone who hadn't noticed the light had changed -- despite the two cars that were in front of him having moved through the light. He was busy on the phone.

Your job when you're driving two tons of potential death is to drive it safely. What phone conversation is more important than that?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at the low numbers too! I am often stopped at the light at "second and Delaware" turning left onto Whitehall road and in the short amount of time that I'm there I've seen at least three people turning right onto Delaware yakking away! And that's observing at least three times. Wonder what 15 minutes would be like! I suggested to the Times Union that they add a "were you seen" set of photos to their site - and of course that would be "were you seen yakking while driving" they didnt seem to go for it! Leslie