Friday, August 28, 2009

Day Trip - Mohawk Meets Hudson

We did these on different days, but together they'd make a perfect daytrip. To get a lay of the land, this aerial view on the Tug 44 site is worth a look.

The new Falls View Park at Cohoes Falls is fantastic [N. Mohawk St, Cohoes]. (Check the Cohoes Falls Webcam to see if there's water - the image is only updated three times a day - can't imagine why.)

The Waterford Locks are very interesting [park near Broad St. and 5th]. Their Tugboat Roundup is coming up on Sept. 11-13, 2009. I like the views in these old postcards: Images of the Erie Canal in Cohoes - especially this Birdseye View of Cohoes in 1859.

We walked over the bridge from Waterford to Peebles Island State Park [Peebles Island Drive] and did a hike around the island (saw dragonflies, deer, chipmunks, and fish). New York State's Historic Preservation & Conservation Headquarters is on Peebles Island, and they're having an Open House on Sept. 12.

Any suggestions for a good, casual lunch place in Waterford (or Cohoes) would be appreciated - we're tired of the pizza place.


forgingahead said...

Broad Street Cafe in Waterford is homey and nice. Bread and Jam on Remsen St in Cohoes is great.

Anonymous said...

Several suggestions for lunch: in Waterford: McGrievey's on Broad Street (old Broad Street Cafe; good food but a little pricey), the Angry Penguin (formerly Kielty's). In Cohoes: Smith's, the Black Cat and Bread and Jam are all good. In Lansingburgh (N. Troy) there is Bad Ass Burritos on 5th below 112th, Mr. Subb on 112th just over the Hudson River bridge, Ted's Fish Fry 2nd below 112th about 2-3 blocks, and Verdiles on 2nd, several blocks north of 112th (good Italian, some salads, pizzas, subs, etc.). There are many other choices, but these are all good.