Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Salt Cast & Crew: Visit Rensselaer!

To the cast and crew members who are in Albany filming scenes for "Salt", why not see both sides of the Hudson while you're here - come across and visit Rensselaer, NY!

Want a great restaurant? The following are my favorite Rensselaer spots:

Walk or run in our 5K race on May 3 - the Boys and Girls Club is raising money to move to a new building, more centrally located to the kids served. The detours through downtown Rensselaer were unanticipated, and I suspect the extra traffic may affect the turnout for this event, sadly.

You can also visit us online: take a virtual tour of our historic register sites, learn more about local railroad history, or flash back 100 years to the days of travel by steamboat.

If you're online during the daylight, check on the peregrine falcons nesting under the Dunn Memorial Bridge. (The chicks should be hatching by the time you're wrapping up.)

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