Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sloop Clearwater Visited Rensselaer

All Over Albany noted that the Sloop Clearwater was docked in Rensselaer yesterday. Check out their posting The Sloop Clearwater's in town for a great photo and more information. They say the Clearwater will be back in Rensselaer June 12-15.

For news and updates, visit: Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc.:
Clearwater is a 106-foot wooden sailing sloop designed after 18th and 19th century Dutch sailing sloops. In 1966, folk singer and activist Pete Seeger had the vision that the public would come to care for all of our threatened waterways by learning to care for one boat and one river. He inspired a group of dedicated people who made the dream a reality. Launched in 1969, Clearwater serves as a moveable classroom, laboratory, stage, and forum.

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Anonymous said...

Pete Seeger came to St. John's when I was in high school in the early seventies. He played the banjo and sang for us in the gym. It was the beginning of the environmental movement.