Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Traffic Cams [Were] Dark on Filming Site

UPDATE: At least two of the traffic cameras are back as of 9:15am

I just visited the Albany Area Traffic Cams site, and discovered that if you want a glimpse of the filming action or the resulting traffic, your only option may be the very distant Capital News 9 weather station camera on the Amtrak Station (click the Rensselaer tab). All three DOT traffic cameras that cover the 787/Dunn Bridge location are "unavailable".

Times-Union: Lights, cameras, detour
Curving Plaza ramps draw Angelina Jolie film; will it be worth the wait for busy commuters?

The attraction of the Empire State Plaza's ramps is their unique three-level configuration...

The brief chase scene in "Salt" will pump more than $500,000 into the local economy... While they are shelling out thousands for detour signs and engineering work, the film company only had to pay a $25 permit fee to the state for using the roadway.

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