Thursday, June 11, 2009

County Stimulus Wish List

The Record: Rensselaer County's stimulus wish list
A Rensselaer County government committee will be seeking the help of higher lawmakers at the federal and state level as it works to prioritize some 250 requests countywide for federal stimulus money that are on file with the state.
The stimulus list for Rensselaer County can be read here: This list is marked as being from NYWORKS (, the New York State Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Cabinet. It is a "second draft" list dated March 25, 2009. If you want a copy of this as a PDF file, please e-mail (It's a 3.5MB file - not searchable.)

It's almost impossible to tell which city most of these are from. Some do specify City of Rensselaer, but mostly you have to guess based on street names. Many critical projects are not "shovel ready" - we would need to bond out considerable engineering costs for planning first.

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