Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Dark Side of Dutch Settlement

After the Disney-style Hudson400 celebration, these excellent (but not family-friendly) articles are a dose of reality, with a bit of dark humor:

The Morning News [online magazine]: Deadwood on the Hudson
To celebrate the quadricentennial of Henry Hudson’s cruise to Albany, TOBIAS SEAMON begins a new series about the Dutch colonies’ origins in America—no publicity cover-ups allowed.
Here's an earlier article by Tobias Seamon, prompted by historic documents he read while working as a tour guide at Crailo Historic Site in Rensselaer, NY:

A View From the Crow’s Wood

You would’ve paid more attention in history class if they taught you what early Dutch settlements were really like. An opportunity to sift through the artifacts at an 18th century Hudson Valley home reveals a way of life that is as odd as it is oddly familiar.

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